Mipim 2005 LIVE update
On 8-11 March 2005, Eurodomus will activate a live connection to the event
Real time connection with the International property market event in Cannes and with Eurodomusís stand.
Eurodomus will guarantee live-web connection with the Mipin exhibition held in Cannes, through the use of web-cameras set up in its stand and linked through an IP address to the webportal. Mipimís news and updates will be also entered in the website.

Eurodomus takes part in the International Property Market which will be held in Cannes on 9-12 March 2004.
Palais des Festivals ñ Cannes ñ France

High-frequency band
Eurodomus has installed new optical fibre services in to order to provide to its clients and employees high-level technological services.
New Fast-Web lines for Eurodomus offices located in Rome.
The installation of the new optical fibres in Eurodomus offices will guarantee LAN management, video-security services, presence on the web, bandwidth on demand applications, private virtual networks, web hosting, audio broadband and video streaming solutions.

Eurodomus SpA network camera
Recently Eurodomus SpA took his philosophy to a new level by setting up network cameras at some job sites enabling their clients to view the projectís progress from the convenience of their desktop from Eurodomusí website.
This set-up also makes it possible for Eurodomus personnel who are not on site to remotely view the progress of the project.
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