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Eurodomus Company's Profile
The company's organisation, plan of action and development strategies were substantially renewed during the course of last few years thanks to the adoption of a new operative methodology, introduced by Eurodomus management, based on the attentive anlysis of the economic market and of the main dynamics driving the changes in the urban socio and cultural fabric.
The construction of buildings is normally entrusted to partner companies, highly specialised in the type of work required by the client.
Eurodomus 93 SpA, however, is always responsible for directing the building site.
Sale activities include the sale of finished properties as well as the sale of project design, i.e. property before construction.
Such selling method has acquired an increasing importance thanks
to the growing renown of the company and the consequent greater
confidence of the customers in the ability and the reliability of the

(Eurodomus SpA civil budget and the Group's annual balance are regularly certified by Deloitte and Touche SpA.)
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